SAYV offers the enjoyment of any wine, by the glass.
It keeps opened wine in perfect condition.

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So easy to use!

Insert the tube above the wine level & press the actuator button for 1 second.
Replace the cork or stopper.
That's it!

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SAYV is pure argon - nature's flawless wine preserver. 

  • Each canister protects 15 opened bottles.

  • Endorsed by leading wine experts around the world including Angela Mount, the famous UK wine judge & critic.

  • Extracted from earth's atmosphere, SAYV is organic, recyclable & sustainable.

  • It is colourless tasteless & completely harmless.

  • And it is the most cost-effective option anywhere in the world!

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SAYV is a canister of pure argon which is an inert gas taken from earth's atmosphere. "Inert" means it will not combine or blend with any other substance. And it contains no oxygen or anything else besides a single argon atom. So, it won't interact with the wine at all.
Argon is heavier than air & will sink below the air in a bottle until it lies across the wine. Since there is no oxygen now in contact with the wine, oxidation is prevented.





  • Always make just a one second press of the actuator.  
    Even though the wine remaining in a bottle might be towards the bottom, the argon will fall downwards to the wine surface so using more argon is not necessary.

  • After applying SAYV to your wine, replace the cork or other stopper right awayAlthough argon is heavier than air, immediately after applying it the gas will be swirling inside the bottle and some will spill back out unless the cork or stopper is replaced.

  • When saving Champagne & sparkling wines, be sure to use a good quality Champagne stopper. SAYV will protect the wine but a stopper is needed to keep the bubbles.

  • After  pouring from a bottle with previously saved wine, apply SAYV again if you are  going to keep any still remaining wine.

  • Store your saved wine in a wine cooler or refrigerator as you would an unopened bottle.

  • Prepare to be surprised when re-opening wine that has been protected by SAYV. Many (if not most) wines will taste better after being SAYV'd! This is because the wine has often had a brief opportunity to breathe between the initial opening/pouring and having argon applied.


SAYV is the lowest cost, pure argon wine preserver in the world ........& so easy to use!


  Red, white and   sparkling wine, too.
(Use a stopper with sparkling.)


Read what the world's leading wine publications say


 "Because argon is heavier than oxygen, it can act as a protective layer for wine, preventing the very reactive oxygen from interacting with the wine and causing oxidation."


Andreas Soergel


David Parrott



Caitlin Schraufnagel


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 "Through 6,500 years of wine making, keeping opened wine from deteriorating has been a problem. Ironically, the solution was right before us in the form of an inert gas called argon."

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SAYV is manufactured in Thailand in compliance with

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